Discovering the new narratives in the old movie forms

W anberg Media Arts approaches film capture in both the non-profit and for-profit worlds with great precision, empathy, and professionalism that can only come from years of first hand experience in the field. From concept to delivery, WMA is a full service production company offering storyboarding, script writing, directing, cinematography, voice over and post-production services for both long and short film style delivery. With over 20 years of experience in still photography and motion picture productions, Wanberg Media Arts continues to document and direct purpose-driven stories in the healthcare industry and commercial sector. WMA understands that healthcare organizations have a special purpose in working toward making their patients healthy and their communities a better place. Visual storytelling in the healthcare industry involves the delicate balance between respecting the nature of disease and understanding the complexities of care and treatment. Wanberg Media Arts has extensive first hand experience working directly with doctors, researchers, and health organizations in some of America’s most prestigious hospitals and labs.

Wanberg Media Arts also works directly with large corporations and small companies that have important stories to tell. An effective communication campaign to engage their customers starts with compelling video content. WMA brings the same passion it has for health-related storytelling to the modern marketplace of commercial businesses. Many organizations build their mission statement around a culture of “doing good” while they succeed in their bottom line. WMA believes that sharing a company philosophy through impactful visual storytelling is the best way to engage and retain their employees while also building a strong customer or client base that believes in the values and mission of their company.